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Watch: “Snackin away in Indonesia” Featuring Shane Borland and friends


Apparently Shane Borland loves his snacks. So much so that he is actually nicknamed “Snack Boy.”

And, speaking of nicknames, vid master Matt Trombeg’s alter ego Metalneck cut this little beauty after a month-long trip to Indo with Shane and a crew of close friends that featured Balaram Stack, Wil Reid, Kai Hing, Lee Wilson, Mauro Diaz, and Colin Moran. If there is a better place than Indo to stack a few, we’ve yet to see it. Even in onshore conditions, it’s still fun as shit and totally rippable.

As the boys so obviously show in this clip.

Shane is also a very adept skater which is highlighted in a short but sweet little jam. Given the direction of surfing these days having some skate in your arsenal can only be a good thing and Mr. Borland certainly checks those boxes.

It will be interesting to see if skating starts making its way into more vid parts.

Kinda looking forward to that.

Last, we would be remiss to not recognize our good friend Ken Suzuki which Matt cut into a nice tribute section at the end of this clip. Ken passed way too soon and is sorely missed by all who knew him.

RIP Kenergy

Go grab yourself some snacks, sit back and enjoy!

What Youth

Filmed/Edited by Matt Tromberg.

Additional Footage by Kale Neville, Jimmy ‘Jazz’ Kinnaird, and Tom Carey.

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