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Watch: “The Dry Reefer” Clay Marzo is so good.

10.19.20 – TAGS: ,

This clip has been shooting around the last few days but we just had to throw it up too. If for no other reason then to once again tip the hat to one of surfing’s most creative talents.

Clay never ceases to amaze whether it be Indo, Waco, or at home at some mysto reef – as is the case in this clip – and his ability to blend his body into a particular wave situation is sometimes hard to comprehend. So much so that it could be said he is literally surfing on a completely different level than everyone else.

This short film perfectly captures some of the magic that represents Clay’s unique relationship with the ocean.

The crazy thing is that at a still very much prime 31 years of age, Clay is showing no signs of slowing down one bit.


What Youth

Film by Adam Klevin

Edit by Shaun Swink

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