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Watch: “Zeke Unleashed” EP 08 First swell of the year


If you’ve even been fortunate enough to be in Hawaii when that first fall pulse swings through, then you’ve felt the excitement and anticipation that brings to life a North Shore just waking up from a long summer slumber.

The whole vibe just changes.

And, with some COVID travel restrictions still in place, we’re guessing the crowds might be actually manageable this season.

Koa Rothman ain’t worried.

In this episode of Zeke’s Unleased series, he and his girlfriend Jenna walk us through a bit of a “day in the life” before heading out to the country to lock into a few with the boys.

Damn Zeke looks good in some solid surf but ugly little reef gash at the end.

Keep um clean brah!


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Intro Footage: COLE YAMANE

Water Footage: Phillip Kitamura

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