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Photo Credit: Chris Peel Part 2 Another look around

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Chris Peel lives a rather nomadic life by most standards. All over OZ, Indo, PNG, and the occasional trip to the PNW. Let’s just say the guy gets around.

His subject matter is mostly surf and he’s obviously connected to the right crew when it comes time to shoot. However, he ain’t a one-trick pony as he can pull it back when the scene dictates and allow for some of life’s unique moments to fill up the viewfinder.

One of the cool aspects of surf travel is often all the ancillary stuff: the people, the food, the culture, etc., that make the memories. Don’t get us wrong, Peely is all about capturing a great surf shot – of which he’s included below – but it’s his eye for the surroundings that are often some of his finest works.

Chris was kind enough to send over a little sample from some of his travels. The captions are his.


14 Year old Noah Hassett tackles the Stern.
It’s such a gnarly wave, if the cold doesn’t get ya the walk will.
We showed up and not a soul in sight. About 20 minutes into our surfing session a man appeared on the inside edge of the reef with what they call “splinters” which pretty much translates to a belly board made out of wood. Just as I was thinking there was a possibility that we may have been the first people to surf this wave he did this duck dive. So similar to one that gets done by us as surfers it was scary and I surely thought he must have seen people surfing before to have the duck dive down so well. Turns out he had not and his biggest interest was how our surfboards float so well. I went on to give my best explanation of a surfboard to him and even had one of our guests let him have a go of one of their boards. 
Ahh, North Western Australia earlier this year. It has such a similar feel to the long walled waves of Indonesia, yet couldn’t be more different.
This wave isn’t for the faint hearted. I’ve seen my fair share of heavy slabs and this wave has to be right up there. For sure not a place you want to be second guessing. Here’s Jack Robinson having fun in what most of us would be panicking.
The big hunt, A long walk on a empty stomach.
Brian Kenny gets the first one of the low tide in BC – One of the calmest days I’ve had on the water with Sepp Bruhwhiler.
Sepp sending the tail to the beach. ”If i’m not landing in the flats i’m not going high enough’’ – Sepp Bruhwhiler 2018
A very secret harbour 160 clicks from the Russian Boarder 
I did a trip to the Ments last year, the first one in about 5 years. Coming from the Pacific I was expecting it to be crowded, it was…. around the corner though ;)
Dane Reynolds in indonesia.
A young boy keeps the flame alive during a local sing sing.
Kane Dickson first light.
Nathan (Hog) Hedge finding the shade on a South Pacific drain pipe.
I was lucky enough to jump onboard Indies Trader III with Martin Daly early this year in the Pacific, Martin has this saying, ‘’If you can’t get the set it’s too crowded’’.

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