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Watch: Box, Bowl, and the Burke’s These guys scored this season


The Burke brothers, Jacob and Josh, who reside on the Island of Barbados and from the looks of things got into some swell this hurricane season. We’re not sure it’s possible to fit more barrels into six minutes or so.

Josh’s surfing just keeps getting better every time we see him and in this clip the man is charging in some pulsing hurricane surf.

Hurricanes are a dicey deal in this part of the world as almost every season a few make landfall somewhere in the Caribbean. Barbados has had their share but this season they were on the good side of things as Gonzalo was more of a glancing blow than was Harvey back in 2017.

The good news was that while the Atlantic Ocean was setting a record for the most named hurricanes, or something like that (Condolences to all who may have been impacted), the surf all up and down the East Coast was firing, including the Windward Islands.

The Burke brothers were on it.

Kind of a cool little part in this clip where Jacob paddles out on a board that Kelly left behind from that famous dream day at Soupbowls in 2012. Jacob bags a couple of sick ones and does the board and Kelly proud.


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Filmers: Mark Harris, Antonio Holder, Niall Thomas, Alan Burke

Produced by: Niall Thomas

Music: Che Cheeseman.

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