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Thoughts: A few words with Logan Dulien The Snapt Mastermind

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last couple of years, then you probably know all about the Snapt legacy. Logan Dulien’s long journey in search of the best waves and the most progressive surfing done by the most dynamic surfers the sport has to offer.

Pretty good formula.

We thought we’d get inside the man’s head a bit on what he’s been up to, where’s he’s been, wave pools, and when we might see the release of Snapt4.

Logan was nice enough to oblige us with a quick Q&A sesh.

What Youth: Where are you calling home these days?

Logan Dulien: Newport /Costa Mesa   

WY: Obviously the COVID deal is restricting travel, have you been getting away from home at all?

LD: Do daily drives down to River Jetties count? I went to Costa Rica at the start of October when they opened up the borders to American travelers. Aside from that I spent a decent amount of time over the summer out at the Palm Springs Surf Club and then did one trip to BSR/Waco in July with a majority of the crew from Snapt4. It’s been tough with my kids being stuck on the zoom home school scenario. The wife hasn’t really been too chipper on throwing out a lot of hall-passes this year. Lol.

WT: The Snapt4 project is becoming the most anticipated video drop in a few years, anything more you can share as to when and how you might release it?

LD: Thanks. I’ve never really had this much noise behind my movies. Hope it lives up to the hype! Before Covid, I had the Snapt4 release set for August 2020, but obviously that changed with the pandemic so I’ve pushed the movie back to summer 2021. To me, it’s important to have a big world premiere in our backyard during the US Open. Growing up, surf movie premieres were just as important as the movie. To watch the action on a big screen for the first time with everyone cheering, raging, and having a good time for me is mandatory. The only thing in the way is restrictions on public gatherings but let’s hope by next summer it’s all systems go. Good chance it will run it at an outside venue. Definitely looking into that option.

WT: The “wildcard” auditions were sick. Any thought of releasing them as a separate vid?

LD: It was pretty crazy for a few days with the submissions and voting going on. Definitely wasn’t planning for that type of response. Submissions from all over the globe and over 8k comments/votes. Definitely humbling that surfers wanted to be in the movie and stoked to see Kevin Cortez win. Kid surfs really well and doesn’t have much opportunity coming from Nicaragua. But no, I won’t be doing a separate movie. I’m putting all my focus and energy into Snapt4. However, I was really impressed with a hand full of surfers that submitted for the wild card that I’m gonna add an extra section with all of them in it. It won’t be up for the 60k but will be rad to have them make a cameo in the movie 

WT: You’ve always attracted solid crews to work with, how hard is it (Pre-COVID) to get guys to commit to a trip somewhere new and possibly sketchy?

LD: It’s challenging but I’m constantly looking at forecasts and checking in with the boys and being aware of their schedules, their priorities and try to work around that. These kids in Snapt4 are rad. Ther’ye frothers and it’s been such a pleasure to work with them. Covid has definitely laid out lots of hurdles but on the flip side these guys have had no contests and so they had a clear schedule to film. That scenario might never happen again.  

WT: Fuser represents a very unique partnership for surfing and given the popularity of gaming these days, not a bad hook up. Can you tell us a little about that deal?

LD: Fuser is from the creators of guitar hero (NCSoft). This is their new creation basically similar to guitar hero but this time your the DJ and mix all kinds of music together. Surfing and music go hand in hand so it’s a great game and product so I’m proud to have them affiliated with the movie, plus their financial backing is something I could never have found this year within the surf industry. Especially since Covid hit. I was really fortunate to have them backing Snapt4 and hope we can work together long after this movie. Watch out for the Fuser game, it will be dropping Nov 10th.   

WY: Going back to the early days of the Snapt series, what are some of the main lessons you’ve learned that you would share with an up and coming filter?

LD: Biggest lesson is to work with guys who are excited to be working with you that are amped to work as hard as you and together you have the potential to create something special. I feel like when there is good chemistry and enthusiasm, the magic can happen 

WY: What is your take on how social media has changed the surf media game? Primarily, did Insta kill the long-form surf video?

LD: It’s definitely changed the game but that’s why I set the guideline that no clips that have been seen on social media and/or on the internet can be used in the movie. We’ve just used B-roll and frame grabs to promote the project and will continue to do so. I think people are excited to see surfing content that has intentionally been kept off the net. Things on Instagram are posted today and gone in an hour. Edits last a few days but sections in surf movies have the longest life span. A good movie or section could be talked about for decades, like Kelly Slater Black and White, all the Lost movies, Momentum, etc., Those are timeless. Edits and IG posts aren’t, in my opinion 

WY: You’ve shot around the world, what are a few of your favorite locations and why?

LD:  When Pipe is on who doesn’t enjoy that show right off the sand. I filmed the birth swell at the Superbank back in 2001, which was pretty memorable but my fav spots are the locations that are hard to get to, the ones with no wifi. The ones that rarely break or have never been surfed . The spots we have to build scaffoldings to film. I’m all about the adventure of it. High risk/high reward.  

WY: There’s a lot of new talent popping up these days, who are a few of your “ones to watch?”

LD: Jack ‘Robo’ is gnarly, the closest style we’ve seen to the Irons brothers. He’s got such a good attitude and work ethic. He’s definitely going above and beyond for his section.  I’m a big fan of Seth and Josh Moniz. Also, Barron Mamiya is tapped. Zee Lau is gnarly.  Ian Crane is one of my favorite goofy footers, sickest style. Really enjoy working with Parker Coffin. The kid’s silky smooth and has the best attitude. Sheldon Pashion from the westside is ripping. Aton is mental. When it comes to charging, Benji Brand is probably the most underrated surfer in the world, and after people see his section there gonna be baffled. As far as entertainment goes you can’t get enough Mason Ho. He might not be the youngest out of the gang but he’s setting the bar for producing the best surf content. His and Rory Pringle’s YouTube channel fucking rules. Them vloggers can’t compete, haha. Also, Clay Marzo clips are looking as sick as ever.  I’m honestly excited about all the surfers in Snapt4. Outside of the guys in the movie, Sierra Kerr and Erin Brooks are blowing minds and I’m sure those two will be battling for world titles in the future. Also, I’m a big fan of Crosby Colapinto, Ethan Ewing, and Jackson Dorian. 

WY: You’ve covered a few of the pools. Any general thoughts on preference, wave quality, future of wave pools, etc.

LD: – When it’s done the PSSC (Palm Spring Surf Club ) will be the best. The location alone will separate it from the rest but with the technology and Cheyne Magnussen behind it, they will change the pool game, in my opinion

Last word
LD: I don’t expect a good surf movie to fall in my lap. I’m just trying to not pay attention to the hype, put my head down, and work as hard as I can until the curtain goes up. At the end of the day, I don’t look at Snapt4 as my movie. It’s our movie: the surfers, filmers, Fuser, and everyone that has gotten behind it. Hopefully, with the team effort, we will make this the best SNAPT movie yet.  

Thanks Logan. Look forward to the release.

Visit the Snapt Youtube page here.

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