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Watch: “Mirage” The Story of Skeleton Bay


You may have seen vid this by now as it’s been floating around the ‘net from last week. It’s a brief look at the legendary left point of Walvis Bay, or Skeleton Bay as it was named in an attempt to protect it.

Obviously the locals knew about it long before the Surfer Magazine Google Earth contest blew it open back in 2008, but it is still a long journey and a very difficult wave, of which both seem to help keep things sorted.

Not just anyone can rock up and expect a two minute barrel.

However, sometimes a good wave needs some world-class talent just to understand the true potential. I’m sure the local crew could have lived without the “discovery” but at the same time watching the world’s best ride this wave is just one of those things that had to happen.

Gerry Lopez and Peter McCabe just had to surf Ulu. Tom Curren to Jefferies and Craig Anderson at Kandui. Some waves just need just the right surfer to truly unlock them.

So, with that in mind, thanks to the crew for being patient with us and sharing one of the world’s ultimate perfect waves.

Thanks to Alan Van Gysen and the team at Now/Now for sharing the clip.


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