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Watch: “COVID Caves Featuring Nate Behl

12.03.20 – TAGS: ,

One of the unfortunate impacts the Internet has had on surfing is the numbness brought on by simply too much content. When something does come along that is worth watching, we sometimes can’t even appreciate what we are watching.

There is just too much.

The last couple of clip drops from Nate Behl would have to fall into that category. Mean, nasty, shallow, but oh so perfect, and Nate is just hucking it.

With that in mind, the upside of the whole Internet thing is we get to see stuff like this that might not have had a media home otherwise.

Fair trade off we suppose.

If somehow a running tally could be kept of who’s getting the most shacks on the regular, we’d be going with McNasty somewhere up near the top of that list.

Sit back and enjoy a guy getting very busy.

Oh, and that banger at the end is ridiculous.

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Footage: Kandui Resort, St John Visual, Tani Sakerebau, Basi Lius, Budi DP

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