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Watch: “Chuffed” Featuring Joel Paxton


Flock of Seagulls. Fuck ya.

Ya gotta give a tip of the hat to a guy that can pull a tune that his parents probably listened to while still dreaming up their future young surf prodigy.

We’ll see how long it takes until the ‘Seagulls record label is on the phone with a removal demand.

Chuffed is very entertaining 5-ish minutes of the twenty-something, Quik sponsored Joel Paxton as he was able to pull in some solid behind the lens and editing talent on this clip, and it all works very nicely.

Not sure were “chuffed” comes from but we like it.


What Youth

Edit by: Kale Neville

Filming: Wade Carrol, Myles Carrol, Tom Jennings, Mickey Mallalieu, Dave Fox

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