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Watch: Hues Late season Teahupoo

01.25.21 – TAGS: , ,

The wonderfully talented Perry Gershkow stayed late into the Tahitian season to capture a few gems down the end of the road. Mostly a local crew – we didn’t catch all the names – but they know who they are.

Mr. Gershkow always sends his best work and this one won’t disappoint. Just some perfect ‘chopes and the boys charging from deep. The girls too as Vahine Ferro bags a clean bomb.

And, with an original soundtrack to boot! No music police chasing us on this one.

Pull it up on a big screen, sit back and enjoy.

What Youth

Filmed and edited by Perry Gershkow

Original Score by Brennan Mercer, Featuring Vocals by Alex Samaras. Sound design by William Berridge

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