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Watch: “Russell” A brief introduction

02.24.21 – TAGS: ,

Russell Bierke hardly needs an introduction within surfing circles. The man has redefined the hellman, slab junky genre and his signature flowing blond hair always seems to be in some precarious wave riding situation.

And yes, he paid for it physically in many ways.

But, he keeps right on charging.

The marketing crew at O’Neill sent this film over with a little copy of which we’ll share.

After cementing himself in the top tier of big wave surfers taking the Cape Fear crown, Russ has continued on his quest of paddling the most terrifying waves on the planet, and to great success. However, not as commonly known, but equally as impressive as his surfing performances, is his character. Laid back, approachable and wise beyond his years. If he isn’t driving around in the old faithful land cruiser (that’s clocked an impressive 600,000kms), hunting ocean caverns that would send most of running home, he’s under the surface with his speargun looking for his next meal. 

We’re only in the first few chapters of his story, so this film takes us back to the beginning for a brief history of Russell Bierke and how he got to where he is today.

Not far from the truth. The man is unique.


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