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Watch: “Scored” A new series from Sam Piter


Pour le premier épisode de sa série “SCORED”, Sam PITER vous emmène au SALVADOR.

What? No parlez-vous français?

Yep, us either.

Maybe this will help.

In this first episode of “SCORED”, Sam Piter takes you on a little jaunt down to El Salvador. Discover the best moments from this epic surf trip with his friends Dean Vandewalle, and Leon Glatzer, having plenty of fun, but also seriously ripping Punta Roca, and El Tunco, the spot of the next ISA world championship, which is an Olympic games qualifier.

Jouir de!

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Video: @sampiter40 – @didierpitersurfcoach

Drone views: @gordino_el_salvador

Music from Epidemicsound: LU-NI/ TÓXICA – MIUT/AZUR OZONES

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