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Watch: Snapt4 “Grovel Camp” Featuring Jack Robbo

03.16.21 – TAGS: ,

Either this is the greatest video release marketing campaign ever or Logan Dulien has pulled off a scam for the ages.


Just kidding.

Of course, Logan has the goods in the bag as the b rolls he’s been dropping have been highly entertaining, to say the least. And to say we are in full froth mode to see the finished product would be an understatement.

In this clip, they introduce a slightly different side of Jack which will most probably be serving him well in life on the CT.

Yep, the grovel.

Kinda sad to think a world title can’t be decided in macking surf at the many venues available so we’ll just hold our breath and hope for at least a few comps which allow one of our favorite tour pros to stretch the legs out a bit, so to speak.


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