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Watch: “Welcome Home” Featuring Chris Zaffis

03.22.21 – TAGS: ,

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: There’s a boatload of underground talent out there.

That said, Chris Zaffis isn’t necessarily “underground” as he’s done a few comps and is pretty well known at his local. But in terms of international recognition, this guy might be in that category.

Also, he’s a real working man as well.

Sparky, we heard.

We like those stories.

Instead of pretending we know the lad, as we really don’t, we point you to a solid piece his mate Chris Binns wrote for Stab. Which you can read here unless it gets yanked.

In today’s world of ridiculous self-promotion and over-the-top chest-pounding, having someone else write something solid about you speaks volumes.

Kinda old school that way perhaps.

Regardless, Binnsy ain’t no slouch when it comes to recognizing some real talent and we’ll happily take his word for it.

Thanks Chris.


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