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Watch: “Days at Bowl” Featuring Josh Burke

03.27.21 – TAGS: , ,

It’s kinda cool watching surfers grown into their own.

The rail gets a little wetter, the bashes get slightly more critical, the airs get launched higher, etc., while the overall approach just seems to mature session after session. Josh Burke has been growing into just those parameters for a few years now.

Who was once an obscure young ripper from Barbados, Josh has easily become one of the Caribbean’s best talents in just a few short years.

With Pops behind the lens (with some help from Paul Larrier on this clip), the Burke team has been putting out some very watchable clips of late. With Soup Bowl as the local venue, it’s a pretty damn fine wave to use as one’s personal studio.

We hooked up with Josh for a quick Q&A.

What Youth: Born and raised is Barbados?

Josh Burke: Yes, 10th generation. The Burke family came to Barbados in the 1700s as indentured servants from Ireland.

WT: Well, that’s pretty local. How about your favorite wave in Barbados?

JB: Overall, Soup Bowl. There are so many good waves in Barbados that it’s hard to say. When we have a north swell it’s good on the West and East coasts. If the wind is light or out of the south, there is a variety of world-class waves to surf on the East Coast. But it’s hard to leave Soup Bowl and go check other places! 

WY: Favorite surf travel destinations so far?

JB: Tahiti. I went when I was 15, thanks to the Billabong Bloodlines camp. The first day was the most perfect big waves I have ever seen. It definitely made me nervous, especially after I somehow got caught by a set and broke my board without even catching a wave to start my trip. As the trip went on the waves got a little smaller every day and I got comfortable with my backhand. I wish the waves had gone small to big during that trip but I would love to go back!!! 

WT: Dream wave zone you want to visit?

JB: The Mentawai Islands. Since the first time I watched Young Guns as a kid I always wanted to go. That movie is a dream. Someone take me!! I won’t disappoint. Haha!

WT: Surfer you look up to for inspiration?

JB: Kelly Slater 

WT: Will you be doing the comp thing again once COVID calms down?

JB: Would love to start back competing, I believe I can qualify for WCT. Don’t know what the future will be like in terms of covid and honestly, money has been tight lately but qualifying is the goal. 

WY: What boards are you riding currently?

JB: Sharpeye Surfboards 

WY: How about a few sponsor shout outs?

JB: Billabong, Reef, Dakine, Future Fins

WY: Sounds good. Look forward to seeing kick some ass once things get back on track.

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