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Watch: “Rock” Mikey Wright in Hawaii through the lens of Wade Carroll

04.23.21 – TAGS: , ,

Every few years or so a new talent comes up through the ranks, maybe wins a few junior events on the way up, etc., and inevitably they are pushed further into the comp scene as they get older. For any number of reasons, they might flame out competitively but continue to rip at the highest levels.

Rasta, Ando, Mase, the list is long.

It would seem, in our very small minds at least, that a brand that is putting down some serious cash for someone like Mikey could recognize the actual value that a surfer might hold and simply letting them promote those brands in the best way possible.

We have no idea what Mr. Wright’s future holds but it is sure more enjoyable watching him ride waves right now, without a jersey on, unconstrained and completely free to just do his thing.

Because he does that really well, as this flick shows.

You tell us, does watching this film stoke you even just a little on Quik, or does watching Mikey bogging in an elimination round against guys with half his natural ability do it for you?

We know how we feel about that.


What Youth

Filmed and edited by Wade Carroll

Additional footage from Cole Yamane and Daniel Russo

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