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Watch: “Ofélia” A groovy film by Joao Carmo

04.28.21 – TAGS: ,

As we often mention, quite a few submissions arrive here at What Youth on a regular basis. It can be very challenging to sort through these prized possessions of the artist who may have sent them to us.

It’s usually obvious that some time and effort went into them.

Sometimes the quality it’s great but the storyline is compelling. Other times it’s very professionally produced but just isn’t a fit for us. The hard part being having to write back and offer some semblance of encouragement while also letting them know we don’t have any use for it.

When filmer/editor/student Joao Carmo sent this over and we opened the file, we were initially a little confused as to why “us”. However, as is often the case, we soon found ourselves very intrigued by what we were watching.

This film features Portuguese surfer Miguel Kilford – who most of us probably haven’t heard much about – and is wrapped into a surreal set up of sights, sounds, and words of which we have no idea what it all means.

But maybe we don’t have to?

We simply thought you might enjoy it as we did.

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