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Watch: “Maps of Home” Featuring John Florence


We’ve been waiting to see more of that epic outer reef session in Hawaii that went down a few months back. You know the one, jet ski toss, cameramen flying, etc.

Well, some insane, state-of-the-art, big wave paddle surfing went down that day as well and some of the highlights are captured in the opener of this little banger.

If that wasn’t enough, the film quickly moves into some high perf bashing at Haleiwa, Ehukai, Off The Wall, and Pipe of which John and his co-stars absolutely destroy.

Easily some of the best surfing we’ve seen this year.

The timing of the release seemed interesting as well with it dropping one day before the comp at what is forecast to be some rather large Margaret’s River. Did JJF just pull a little Slater head game with his competitors?

We’ll see, but either way it’s a great flick and we are actually looking forward to a comp for once.

Go get um John.

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