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WY Recommends: Oscar x FCS x Christenson Surfboards A Groovy Little Collab

05.14.21 – TAGS: , ,

Whenever Osc sends over a clip, it doesn’t take long for someone in the office to get it up on a screen. With all the clutter going on in surfing today, Mr. Langburne is such a breath of fresh air, if you will.

This is a bit of a product plug but nonetheless it still features the easy on the eyes flow of one of surfing permier stylist.

That said, some of us do want to experiment with some alt equipment from time to time and a little twinnie fish is a perfect craft for doing just that. In this clip, Osc taps into FCS and shaper Chris Christenson to perfectly blend foil and blade in effort to find that special sauce we all crave.

From the looks of things, the boys might be on to something.


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Music: Arc De Soleil/Little BeeBee

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