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WY Premiere: Small Reactions New Age Soul

05.28.21 – TAGS: , ,

This tight little band popped a press release into our inbox last week and we kinda dig um. We thought you might too.

From their presser.

Relying on the minimal instrumentation of guitar, bass, vintage organs, and drums, the quartet is equal parts post-punk, new wave, and surf.

The band themselves prefer the term “nerve pop” to describe their music. The phrase comprises the frenetic energy of the late 70s new wavers and Bob Dylan’s shaky foot circa 1965. Sonically, they resemble “Chairs Missing”-period Wire and early Stereolab. Lyrically, they reside somewhere in the “new domestic” school.

New Age Soul, the quartet’s forthcoming album on SofaBurn Records, takes Small Reactions into uncharted waters, bringing out their finest moments yet. While the band’s initial M.O. was to subvert indie pop through a state of blissful repetition, they now paint with a more vibrant palette — an adventurous approach full of tightly-strung melodies and a steadfast foundation that’s led to support with Portugal. The Man, Mac DeMarco, DIIV, and Titus Andronicus.

For the first time, Small Reactions’ songs breathe, they ride for a second longer, unencumbered as they move towards the light. Through a newfound clarity, the band’s instrumental interplay has been pushed to the top with brighter hues, thicker textures, and modern shapes. It’s easier to tell when lines dive behind corners and return to an altered state. The surprise left turns are still there — now all you have to do is keep up.

OK, maybe that’s a lot to swallow so just turn on the tune and enjoy.

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