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Watch: “True Tapes” EP 01 A new vid series from Barron Mamiya

05.19.21 – TAGS: , ,

If you’ve been following along at all, you know we’ve been huge fans of Barron Mamiya for a while now.

Kid rips.

So, in what has become a long line of other Hawaiian rippers, Barron is launching his own weekly vlog called True Tapes. I guess if ya got the waves, ya might as well film um. No complaints here as we can’t get enough of Mr. Mamiya on the home turf, and hopefully beyond once this damn COVID thing subsides.

From the man himself, “This will show not only me as a surfer but who I am outside of the sport. In addition to showing the ups and downs of competitive surfing, I want to give people an insight into my life and show the behind-the-scenes action of all the fun and crazy things I like to do. Thanks for watching and please make sure to subscribe to my channel. I have some very fun videos planned so don’t miss it!”

This first episode looks to be a bit of a “sizzle reel” of sorts but nonetheless we are subscribing and do look forward to much more!

Stayed tuned.

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