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WY Recommends: Volcom jumps into the rubber biz

05.22.21 – TAGS: , ,

Volcom dropped a full range of suits a few months ago now but we just got around to checking out the latest product additions.

Yep, rubber.

It sure feels like they had them all along as a few of the surfers in their stable had customs with Veeco logos down through the years. Nope, they just now got ’round to dropping some damn fine-looking suits that the rest of us can actually get our hands on.

With summer fast approaching here in the Northern Hemi, we were drawn to the springer. And, it’s long sleever to boot!

Kinda like shorts in skating not that ago, the long sleeve spring has been a non-starter for years even though they were super popular back in the ’80s. Well, Veeco has reintroduced it and we’re digging it.

Perfect for those June gloom mornings So Cal is so famous for.

Looks good on Ryan Burch anyway.

A couple of the key design elements include that the entire wetsuit is made from the highest grade limestone-based neoprene, which is way more eco-friendly than the traditional stuff. It’s got a front chest zip that allows for easy entry and exit, and all seams are glued, taped, and blind stitched for maximum strength and a lockdown seal.

They look to be very well made and only come in low key black with some super basic logo mark ups.

Simple and stylish.

Go get one.

Find a dealer near you here.

Volcom website here.

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