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Watch: “Lost Track Atlantic Featuring Torren Martyn


We kinda fell asleep on NeedEssentials’ first episode of the “Lost Track” series (Watch here), but we’re all over EP 2!

The Need program is, as you know, pretty cool in that they’ve stripped away the bullshit and just make excellent products at reasonable prices. Since about 80% of the major wetsuit brands come from the same factory in Thailand, it’s a solid thinking man’s option.

Part of that program is that they also sponsor a few dudes like the ever-smooth Torren Martyn. This guy seems to always be on a sick wave at some far-off location, usually getting barreled off his nut, and, of course, always combined with his trademark impeccable style.

Or, he’s surfing in freaking Iceland or somewhere.

He does get around.

Some of his board choices are usually a bit experimental for the average surfer, but that’s cool. Shit would be boring if we all rode the same stuff.


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Filmed and edited by : Ishka Folkwell

NeedEssentials OZ here.

NeedEssentials US here

Music in order of appearance: Headland – Viaje Headland – Companion Planting Headland – One & Three Headland – In Shadow Imarhan – Id Islegh Imarhan – Imarhan Imarhan – Idarchan Net Headland – Woken by the Sun Tinariwen feat. Warren Ellis – Zawal Imarhan – Tarha Tadagh Imarhan – Tahabort Headland – Spitefull Dove Imarhan – Assossamagh Headland – Sylvia’s Brunchcoat

Sound design by Brennan Mercer

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