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WY Recommends: “Women on Waves” Over 200 years of women’s surfing by Jim Kempton

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Did you know that a woman might have been one of the world’s first surfers?

Yep, we didn’t either.

However, in 1905 the world’s oldest known surfboard was discovered in Hawaii and it dated back to the early 1600s.

And, it belonged to a woman! Princess Kaneamuna, a 17th-century Polynesian shredder who was buried in a cave on the Big Island alongside her most prized possessions.

A koa wood square tail being one of them.

Princess K’s quiver

Long-time surf media curator, Jim Kempton, is dropping a new book titled “Women on Waves” which chronicles this, and many other important facts and observations, of what is hundreds of years of historical background on women’s surfing.

Damn, maybe Malibu Carla is on to something after all?

Kidding aside, Kempton, who was the editor at Surfer Mag back in the ’80s, and knows a thing or two about surfing, has spent years compiling this exhaustive volume of all things women’s surf. It’s a “must-read” whether surf history is your thing or not, simply because we often overlook what our surfing sisters have accomplished and have ultimately contributed to surfing overall.

Knowledge is power!

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You can find it here on July 6th.

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