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Watch: “Flipper Clip” Featuring Noa Deane

06.18.21 – TAGS: , ,

Surfing’s favorite rabble-rouser, Noa Deane, has been a bit quiet of late. Understandable with the whole COVID deal and all. Kinda hard to get out and do what you want to do.

But from what we see on this little vid, he hasn’t just been sitting around.

Veeco dropped this clip yesterday on their Youtube channel of what Noa is calling some “b-sides,” of which just seemed to us as perfectly juxtaposed to the WSL event starting today in the pool at Lemoore.

Noa being one of surfing’s freewheeling savants and a comp in the controlled environs of a wave pool really couldn’t be more opposite.

We know which one we’d rather watch.

Thanks Noa.

What Youth

Filmed & Edited by MALLMIC

Additional Filming JAMES KATES / DAVE FOX

MUSIC – WASH songs – Numbed , FEAR

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