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Watch: O’Neill’s “Vantage Points” EP 3 Featuring Russell Bierke


In episode #3 of O’Neill’s unique video series, “Vantage Points,” Russell Bierke teams up with filmmaker extraordinaire Andrew Kaineder. Neither man needs an introduction and this video reflects those collective talents.

Russ, as we all know by now, has long been hucking himself over ledges of incredible consequence, sometimes with injurious results.

But he always paddles right back out and does it again.

This film reflects just how committed Mr. Bierke can be.

Andrew has also been staying busy. Some of his recent works like Flow State and Beyond the Noise, to name a few, have pushed Kaineder to the top of a very crowded list of talented Australian filmmakers.

And it ain’t all just surf fun and games for Andrew as he recently released a touching piece titled Mourning Country. It’s about an Aboriginal culture center and home to many on the South Coast of New South Wales which was destroyed in the devastating fires of 2020. Some deep stuff. Watch here.

Two very creative Australians doing what they do best.


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