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Watch: Kirra “All-time,” again?

07.06.21 – TAGS: , ,

Is it just us or has Australia had an absolute banging last few months of surf?

There were those two Sydney area swells a few months back, which have been called by many NSW locals as “all time.” The opening few days at Margs for the WSL event were quite large and the Gold Coast has turned on repeatedly. Then a few days ago, Kirra went just about perfect. Albeit somewhat offseason.

If you’ve ever surfed the place, it’s much harder than it looks to not only get a wave but ride it with any sense of competency. The crowd is legendary, and not necessarily in a good way. The current can peel the glass of the bottom of your board and turn your arms to spaghetti before you even catch a wave. And then there’s the weird way it kinda bends out to sea while running almost perpendicular to the shoreline.

It’s no coincidence that the locals get most of the better waves. It takes a few go ’rounds to get the hang of it.

Our friends at dropped this little doozy filmed by Owen Milne and set to a trippy track by Daniel Paul O’Sullivan that kinda works with the super slow-mo.


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