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Watch: “This is Livin” with Koa Rothman The So Cal daily double


In Koa Rothman’s latest episode of This is Livin, he drops by two of California surfing’s most crowded spots. But actually, this same 1-2 combo has coincidentally been a summer favorite of many So Cal residents over the years.

Newps in the morning, Lowers in the afternoon.

Ya see, in the summertime in the Newport/Huntington region if someone coughs after about 10:00 AM, it’s blown out for the rest of the day. But Lowers, on the other hand, doesn’t get the same wind velocity and just seems to handle a bit of wind better somehow.

Koa starts off his morning at one of Newport’s go-to summer spots, 56th street jetty. Or, “Fifty Dicks” as it’s known for the hardcore pack that posts up off the end of the jetty. However, it looks super fun and he gets a few without too much fuss.

Next up, the walk into Lowers.

Old school style.

That is, no e-bike.

It appears that our boy actually gets a little lost on the way down but eventually finds his way. It ain’t perfect but as Lowers can do, she offers up some fun ones.

Koa bags a few waves, runs into a few old friends, a classic afternoon at Trestles.


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