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Watch: “Town Surf Explained” Featuring Zeke Lau

07.25.21 – TAGS: , ,

Do you remember being grom and having yet traveled to one of surfing’s meccas but studying every photo waiting for your first visit?

Hawaii, Bali, OZ, etc.

You can only imagine what the set ups are and where the spots are located. Then that one day finally arrives and you get a chance to soak it all in, and it’s complete different that what you expected.

For us in California, the South Shore of Hawaii is usually high on a groms list of places to visit as the waves are a bit smaller than out in the country and there has been plenty of magazine (remember those?) and video coverage giving you a good idea of the different spots.

In this clip, Hawaii’s Zeke Lau in kind enough to take you on a little tour of the main south shore zones with a spot by spot breakdown and short bios on wave types, crowds, line ups, etc. And who better to do that than Hawaii’s favorite son.

He even swings around Koko Head and gives us a quick peek at Sandy’s, which doesn’t get a lot of coverage but has a few fun waves on the right swell.

Cool little clip.

Editors note: “Uncles” are the older locals in the line ups. Give them much room and respect.


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