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Watch: “Lost Track Atlantic” EP 3 NEED Essentials presents Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell


After bombing down from Scotland on a quick little 3000-mile roadie, we pick up the boys where they left us in EP2: Morocco.

If someone told you the footage was from Northern/Central Baja somewhere, you’d believe them as the similarities are familiar and numerous. Cliff-side right points, dusty, cactus, etc.

Until you see a camel cruise by.

Torren and Ishka keep heading south and befriend a local named Omar – which is probably like being named John in the US – who just happens to have a testy little slab right out the front of his oceanfront abode, which is literally built into the cliff. They trade a few waves, share a local meal or two before heading off once again.

The section towards the end with Torren surfing what looks to be alone in 6-8 foot bombs is trademark Martyn-stuff: mid-length twinnie, perfect style, and, of course, charging.

As always, Ishka captures the surrounding landscape and culture with a point of view that makes you feel like you’re right there with um. This ain’t just another surf flick.

Looking forward to the next episode.

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