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Watch: “Pink Insomnia” Featuring Braiden Maither

08.04.21 – TAGS: ,

Ok, this is sick.

We love when one of the boys puts out a DIY edit. Gather up some clips, find some great tunes, and get after it.

Of course, the fancy edits by the big guns are epic too but there’s just something rad about the available tech these days that allows almost anyone the chance to put out a cool piece and send it around.

Not that Braiden is just “anyone” as the guy obviously has some chops.

Filmed at what looks like some off-the-radar spots on Maui – and we’re sure the crew wants to keep it that way – Braiden shows off the full package: airs, hacks, barrels, etc. It’s one thing to try some of that at a cushy little beach break somewhere but in Hawaii, over shallow lava and reef, that takes some commitment.

Nice clip Braiden.

We good on the music usage?

What Youth

Edited By: Braiden Maither

Filmed By: Kamala Maither, Jon Spenser, Adam Klevin, Liam Conrad, Matty Schweitzer

Music By: Dog Breath, The Koreatown Oddity, Johnson Hawkins

Graphics by: Mike Hanley

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