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Listen: The Backseat Lovers And how to sneak backstage


One of our loyal followers of all things What Youth, Zach Del Valle, recently hit us up with an interesting request: he wanted to scam his way backstage to an upcoming show by a band called The Backstage Lovers, who were to be performing in Kansas City.

The plan was to pose as media and use What Youth as the publication he was “working” for. We loved the ingenuity and happily went along.

Well, truth be told, Zach is actually a photographer and a pretty good one at that, so it wasn’t really that nefarious, he just needed to use us as sort of a legit media outlet (us, ha) to quantify his request to get some access.

It worked!

Seeing that he was going and he was bringing his camera, why not fire off a few shots and send um over? We also had him write up a little piece on the band, which we included below.

Win, win.

Take it away Zach.

The Backseat Lovers is a young indie rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. For a band that got their start in early 2018, they have seemed to have no problem gaining attention from anyone who stumbles across their music. From a self-produced EP (Elevator Days) in June of 2018 and their first full-length LP (When We Were Friends) less than a year later in January 2019, all filled with melodically catchy guitar riffs and chantable lyrics. Guaranteed to make you want to turn the volume up a little more with each song that plays. The guys bring an incredible energy to their live performances. With the world opening up again, I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows rather early on in their North American tour in Kansas City at The Record Bar. They rocked out and grooved hard, playing songs from their entire discography, including Kilby Girl, of course, and giving everyone in the venue what they came for and more. Definitely worth checking out a show on their current tour if you can.  

Nice work Zach. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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