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Watch: “Silver Linings” EP 2 A crossroads statement from Jordy

11.01.21 – TAGS: , ,
Photo: Specker

As we know from episode 1, O’Neill’s “Silver Linings” series is an episodic diary of the last 18 months or so in the life of Jordy Smith. With everything going on with him (Baby, knee injury, missing Olympics, etc.) and then throw COVID on top of that, and you might say it was a chaotic period for the South African.

In this EP, after a crazy COVID-induced travel hell trip from Hawaii and then two weeks quarantined in a hotel with his wife, Jordy is finally back home for the winter season for the first time in 14 years. Taking full advantage, he rediscoveres waves he hasn’t seen in years and he doesn’t waste any time getting right back after it.

Good to see the big guy back in top form and feeling it.


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