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Watch: “Epic Day” Yes, another perfect day in Hossegor

11.01.21 – TAGS: , ,

Surely the advent of the world wide web has brought many things into a much clearer light. Things like world news, real-time weather, politics, and, yes, we all see a lot more waves than we used to.

To us back here in the States regular dispatches of super-current vid footage from anywhere in Europe just didn’t happen pre-Internet. Not a secret by any means, ya just didn’t see much.

Surely to the chagrin of a few locals, more and more photos and clips are circulating that show just how good it does get in this region. And, how the talent is rising to the occasion.

From our friends at RIPITUP.

“We always say here in Hossegor that the QUIK PRO FRANCE is always lucky with the conditions. That every year the best swell arrives for this special event, but not this year. It was a handful of local crew and traveling pro’s who stayed after the comp to really taste what Hossegor has to offer. Just a fews days following the comp all the stars aligned with perfect waves on a perfect sand bank, neatly groomed by a light offshore wind. Two days of ‘classic Landes’ pumping conditions is what we all dream of.”

Thanks guys.

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