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10 Questions: Jai Glindeman A man of few words

12.11.21 – TAGS: , ,

Jai Glindeman is perhaps one of today’s brightest new surfing talents. At the very least, he’s quite possibly taken over Craig ‘what’s his name’s’ spot as one of the most visually appealing surfers to watch.

(Editors note: Craig, we haven’t turned on ya)

Visual appeal aside, the kid can put it on a rail with a flow that is just so unique today, with most of the younger crew always looking to go above the lip.

So just who is Jai Glindeman?

We asked him to introduce a new feature we call 10 Questions and he jumped right in.

What Youth: Where do you live?

Jai Glindeman: Lennox head

WY: Favorite wave in OZ?

JG: So far, probably the Box in WA

WY: Favorite wave outside of OZ?

JG: Cloudbreak

WY: Bucket list wave you want to surf?

JG: Would love to go over to South Africa and surf J-Bay

WY: Single or ?

JG: Single

WY: Current board dims?

JG: 5.10 18.88 2.44 27L

WY: Favorite beer?

JG: Not too sure, haha

WY: Favorite food?

JG: Butter chicken and rice

WY: Grom influence?

JG: Dane Reynolds

WY: Best surfer in the world today?

JG: Medina, I guess

WY: Thanks Jai!

We’ve attached his Shreds “The Radicals” EP 10 clip, which is a rather nice showcase of Mr. Glindeman’s talents.


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