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Watch: “Silver Linings EP 4” The wave that broke Jordy

12.15.21 – TAGS: , ,

We’ll get to this clip in a minute but how good are the waves around Durban?

No, really?

With J-Bay getting much of the continent’s media attention, and perhaps Skeleton way up on the Atlantic coast, the reality is some of the best surf can be found right there in downtown Durban. The New Pier/North Beach zone can produce some of the best urban surf you’ll find anywhere. But, not a lot of media coverage.

Which we’re sure is just fine with the local crew.

If you’ve been following along this is O’Neill’s “Silver Linings” series which shadows Jordy through a very trying year or so. Covid, baby, serious knee injury, missed Olympics, etc.

Actually a very serious knee injury of which is documented in this clip.

Jordy grabs an absolute screamer and ever so casually tries to escape via a rather heavy doggy-door situation, but comes up a bit short. Just like that, Jordy’s life changes considerably.

Bummer to watch actually, but part of the game.

From what we’ve heard, the big man is on the mend and almost back to 100%.

Good to hear.

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