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what youth recommends couch tours 2 trailer

“Couch Tour Two” the Teaser Featuring Balaram Stack, Ryan Carlson, and TJ Gumiela

There’s an ocean on the East Coast. Sometimes we might forget, we are easily distracted by clear warm waters and perfect...
what youth recommends patagonia

Patagonia does it again Introducing the YULEX wetsuit, no neoprene needed.

Neoprene is bad. We know that. Did we know that? I think we did. But it’s been used in wetsuits...
what youth recommends Frederico Morais

Frederico Morais in Post-Classic Maybe head to Portugal

Pointers from Frederico Morais’ new video, Post-Classic: Get the basics and go beyond. Do it big, make it spray. Maybe go to...
what youth recommends dane reynolds captain fin co

Dane Reynolds’ New Fins The “Black Panther” from Captain Fin Co.

This is the equivalent to a used car commercial, but it’s for Dane’s fins so we’re in.
what youth recommends eli hanneman

Watch Hurley Youth: Eli Hanneman A Youthful Humbling

Just when we think we’re doing all of this right, Eli Hanneman comes along at the ripe age of 13...
Taylor Knox in "Winter Daze" featuring Mike Parsons and Rob Machado.

Watch “Winter Daze” Starring Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, and Mike Parsons

Taylor Knox put out a clip just in case you’’re in the mood to watch some powerful carves and El Niño bombs....
what youth recommends rvca's up north road trip

Road Trip Up North RVCA hits the road with Colin Moran, Matt Pagan and Parker Cohn

A road trip never disappoints. They are usually a mess, but that’s what you hope for. Perfect by no means. Watch RVCA’s...
what youth recommends caleb tancred

Caleb Tancred in “Here & There” Little grom charges

15 year old, tiny shredding grom from Australia, Caleb Tancred, has a lot of spunk and control. He charges waves triple...
what youth recommends jordy smith in collecting dust

Jordy Smith in Collecting Dust Jordy just dropped a hammer…

Jordy has been sitting on this footage for quite some time. Naturally he called on one our very own, Blake Myers,...
what youth recommends jack freestone

Watch Jack Freestone in (Low) Profile We’ve always known he’s been this good

We’ve know Jack quite a while. He’s more than just a pretty boy. He’s always been a special talent. We watched...

Padang Cup Through Mason’s Eyes Couldn’t think of a better tour guide

The Padang Cup just ended and the win went to Indonesian surfer Mega Semadhi. But just in case you’re missing all those...
what youth recommends miguel tudela

Miguel Tudela in “Two to Twenty” Volcom’s Peruvian gem

We believe in following your passions. Especially if your passions include dropping in on 20 foot faces. We believe in this....
what youth metal neck 2 the bangover

Metal Neck II: The Bangover Starring Andrew Doheny, Noa Deane, Christian Fletcher, Colin Moran, Creed, Muffin Man and more.

Well, here it is. The long-awaited full-length sequel to Metal Neck: Metal Neck 2: The Bangover. Easily the Video of...
what youth recommends nick rozsa surfing

Nick Rozsa in Default It’s okay to drool

Backdoor barrels can be the cure to anything really. This clip is pretty hypnotic. Makes you think spending money on that...
Surf wax, What Youth wax, Sticky Bumps

Buy Something Today And you’re getting free What Youth Wax thanks to Sticky Bumps

We just got a massive, great smelling box of new What Youth Surf Wax thanks to a recent collab with...
what youth recommends taylor clark surfing

Watch Taylor Clark For you adrenaline junkies

Taylor Clark had our pulse racing through this one. Powerful and raw. Simple and short. Watch our Adolescents with Taylor:
what youth recommends harry bryant

Harry Bryant in “Hazardous Waste” Harry Bryant’s innate sense of menace

You, yes you, you little rock n roller, you know you need a heavy dose of mid week release. And...
what youth recommends metal neck 2

Metal Neck 2 “The Bangover” Trailer It’s pretty strange and plenty raw

Some of our favorite guys just made a movie. Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart, Ford Archbold, Alex Knost, Colin Moran, Ozzie Wright,...
what youth recommends jeremy flores jbay

Jeremy Flores in “Green Lines” Cold Barrels

Jeremy Flores, having a better time than he did at the most recent J-Bay Open, on some motherland breaks. Shot in...
what youth recommends dakoda walters

Dakoda Walters in “FANTA” The 15 year old letting loose

This little dude is reckless. He’’s on Billabong’’s Australia team and just made this video with Toby Cregan, who did Nix...
what youth recommends griffin colapinto at jbay

Griffin Colapinto at JBay Rail work and rain

Can’t do it much better than this. The San Clemente local has a style that fits nicely on a JBay wall....
what youth recommends jake kelley

Watch Jake Kelley in “Cake” More from California’s pretty pumping winter months

Jake Kelley wastes no time on a wave. And he sure got a lot of them in California this year.
Parker Coffin in YWT Take 2.

Parker Coffin x YWT Take 2 Set fire to your minds eye with Parker Coffin

Parker Coffin has set fire to our minds eye yet again. In a world so out of whack, out of...
Welcome to Water Episode 3 in Sumbawa.

Welcome to Water: Episode 3 Sumbawa with Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Imai Devault and Noah Schweizer

A few familiar faces, and a few fresh ones. But really a bunch of waves that you’ve no doubt pictured yourself surfing.
what youth recommends nate tyler

Watch Nate Tyler in “To the Land” There he is. Thought we’d lost him to Hooters lunch

You probably already know we’re big Nate Tyler lovers. Not many people can live off the grid where he does, and then...
what youth recommends

Radical Times in South Africa Quiksilver takes a crew that includes Matt Banting, Zach Miller, Bryan Fox, Le-Ann Curren, Mikey February and Javier Mendizabal to SA

A new look Quiksilver team. A Curren. Some skaters. A very large continent. And one of our favorite people ever...
what youth recommends

‘Twelve’ with John John Florence Episode 1 of the 7-part series

what youth recommends surfing

Watch “Dream Steeple” An all new surfing thriller from Vissla

Here’s a midweek treat. Dream Steeple, the new film by Vissla and directed by Eddie Obrand and starring Eric Geiselman,...
DC Shoes, Stella Artois, Beer

DC Shoes sent us a bunch of beer Like a lot of it. And released this vid.

We had to use a dolly to get it in the door. Nearly 100 green bottles of Stella. With a...
what youth recommends kolohe andino surfing

Kolohe Andino in “Back to Basics” Strong lines drawn across long J-Bay walls

Maybe this is a warning shot. Or a reminder that he still surfs out of a jersey. Or maybe it’s...
Clay Marzo in "East Coast Low".

Clay Marzo in “East Coast Low” He continues to impress from his western oasis

It’s hard not to look when Clay Marzo drops another unannounced edit from his western Australia oasis. He remains a mystery in...
what youth recommends surfing

Dusty, Pat and Balaram in “Numb Nuts” The East Coasters show the Hawaiian Frozen Jersey and Northeast Atlantic

Dusty Payne, Balaram Stack and Pat Schmidt chase a swell from New Jersey to the nooks and crannies of the...

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