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We posted one unedited roll of film shot by Nate Lawrence during our boat trip with @koloheandino62 at
France was a little temptress this year, but we wouldn't have her any other way. Photo: @quinnmatthews_
Taj Burrow came on this little trip with us for #whatyouthissue9 and seemed to enjoy himself quite a lot. Tonight we celebrate. Issue 9 release and so much more. Photo: @lawrence_photo
Dear France, Could you please return @dionagius at your earliest convenience. It's time. Photo: @blakegmyers
Dane made us a playlist today. Then insisted on listening to the entire thing all the way through before we left to make sure it was good.
Hanging with @napkinapocalypse in her sewing room. What should we ask her?
Damp jeans and the wave of your life. @quinnmatthews_ checks in from the old roads of Portugal at
Mitch Coleborn twists in France on a board that's the cat's meow. Photo: @lawrence_photo #clusterflick
Warn your Friday morning, because @volcom and What Youth are taking you out Thursday night. #whatyouthissue9 release and resurrection of party. Live performance by Corners. 7PM at Boathouse Collective in Costa Mesa.
So what did Kai say? "Fuck boys, we got some work to do." The Cluster house reacts to @kellyslater's "stiffy" 540 (with full sequence) now at Photo: @quinnmatthews_

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