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We just posted some of @blakegmyers iPhone photos from our France house. Here's one of Noa in funny gloves. Check em all out at
Taj Burrow taking a bubble bath in Indo. He's also on our site right now, highly caffeinated, telling us what gets him fucking psyched. All new Afternoon Interview with Taj now playing at
Obviously France was fun...but who knew our old friend Portugal would be so damn welcoming. @mitchcrews making an entrance. Photo: @quinnmatthews_
@joshzucker documents an assortment of colorful characters who shred and he's featured in an all new Photo Credit now at Here's one of Ben, Curren and Louie getting alternative on the road.
@joshzucker is featured in an all new Photo Credit. It features an array of colorful characters and ripping and you can check it out now at
Our friend @joshzucker photographs a pretty wild assortment of our most colorful friends and he's featured in an all new Photo Credit at now. Here he snaps the fucking boys: Tyler and Julian with the elusive E.
Au revoir France! We freaking love you. What's next? Photo: @lawrence_photo For more of our extended stay in France, check out
Wanna know how to live in French? This is pretty on point. More tips at, written by Chas Smith (@reportsfromhell) Photo: @blakegmyers
Quinn Matthews was nearly buried in sand and swept off to Morocco during his stint in France, but he did get some shots. Including this swoop of @koloheandino62. More at now.
Another ode to
If you're roaming the south of France (and obviously you should be) grab What Youth at the awesome new @desillusion space @maisondesillusion in Hossegor. Check out their new issue and our other pals on the rack too. Merci beaucoup.
We invented the new Europe leg: Ours involves much vino and water jump ramps with Noa, Dane, Dion, Craig and Chippa. Loading up the Peugeot for another ramp hunt. Photo: @blakegmyers #clusterflick
French exit for @john_john_florence. Photo: @quinnmatthews_
Shorebreak is truly the best. Especially when you follow it up with a baguette and a Kronenbourg 1664, as were sure @josh_kerr84 did.
"What happens next Noa?" "Wax the shit out of our boards and hit ramps!" Noz and a little pre surf, full grip French fuck it. Photo: @blakegmyers #clusterflick
Line art for #clusterflick. @craig__anderson photographed by @ham_hump
France does a few things really well: wine, beachbreaks and black and white. @john_john_florence does a few things well too: like the stalefish. Flicking around with us in the Old World. Photo: @quinnmatthews_
All we want to do is cool shit in front of our friends. All the judging needed. Creed McTaggart and a perfect 10
"'Guy in the sky' is what I was told NOT to do when learning to shoot. But then I decided not to listen to what people were saying and shoot the stuff I wanted to. Not to be rebellious, but to be excited about my own work." -@lawrence_photo from a new Dear Youth at

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