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Wanna know how to live in French? This is pretty on point. More tips at, written by Chas Smith (@reportsfromhell) Photo: @blakegmyers
Quinn Matthews was nearly buried in sand and swept off to Morocco during his stint in France, but he did get some shots. Including this swoop of @koloheandino62. More at now.
Another ode to
If you're roaming the south of France (and obviously you should be) grab What Youth at the awesome new @desillusion space @maisondesillusion in Hossegor. Check out their new issue and our other pals on the rack too. Merci beaucoup.
We invented the new Europe leg: Ours involves much vino and water jump ramps with Noa, Dane, Dion, Craig and Chippa. Loading up the Peugeot for another ramp hunt. Photo: @blakegmyers #clusterflick
French exit for @john_john_florence. Photo: @quinnmatthews_
Shorebreak is truly the best. Especially when you follow it up with a baguette and a Kronenbourg 1664, as were sure @josh_kerr84 did.
"What happens next Noa?" "Wax the shit out of our boards and hit ramps!" Noz and a little pre surf, full grip French fuck it. Photo: @blakegmyers #clusterflick
Line art for #clusterflick. @craig__anderson photographed by @ham_hump
France does a few things really well: wine, beachbreaks and black and white. @john_john_florence does a few things well too: like the stalefish. Flicking around with us in the Old World. Photo: @quinnmatthews_
All we want to do is cool shit in front of our friends. All the judging needed. Creed McTaggart and a perfect 10
"'Guy in the sky' is what I was told NOT to do when learning to shoot. But then I decided not to listen to what people were saying and shoot the stuff I wanted to. Not to be rebellious, but to be excited about my own work." -@lawrence_photo from a new Dear Youth at
And ride away clean...
Over a decade under the influence of Interpol (and red wine). New Dear Youth at Photo: @isaac_zoller
War torn, art coated, romance-stained Europe. Kai checks in from Italy en route to Fashion week in Paris before pouncing on the French beachbreaks post contest to film for Cluster. Update at #clusterflick
@koloheandino62 is consumed by froth as homie @tannerrozunko stares in. This is the wave that busted his chin, leaving him with second grin and ending his session. Photo: @lawrence_photo
@koloheandino62 moments after getting stuffed readies himself while captain and crew of the MV Addiction scrub in to tie 15 stitches into Kolohe's face. The procedure took 2 hours. Photo: @quinnmatthews_

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