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Anything Sing Morocco Deleted Scenes / Morocco

Video: Victor Pakpour

It takes a long time to get to Morocco — like 24 hours sometimes, and the chances are pretty high you’ll lose some bags, get sweaty and frustrated and have to sleep on the ground in a foreign airport. And this trip was no exception, but we love that shit and it makes traveling memorable. After you watch this — the first glimpse of some deleted scenes of our new film with Reef: Anything Sing — you’ll see why we love it: big glassy right points, exotic and unique culture and the cluster that is the road.

Today we’re excited to show you some deleted scenes from the movie starring Luke Davis, Ford Archbold, Nick Rozsa and Beau Foster. And we also want to remind you that we’ll be playing the film in it’s entirety here on the site May 1st, and then offering it to you for free download on May 2nd at

The West Coast premiere tour of Anything Sing kicks off Thursday night in Encinitas with a big night at Le Papagayo Restaurant. The movie will play and there will be live music, a DJ and a good amount of dancing, libations and food, so if you’re around come hang out. After the jump are the rest of the West Coast tour dates. See you there!


• 5/1/13: We’ll be streaming the film all day at

• 5/2/13: The film is available at for free digital download.

• 5/14/13: What Youth Issue Four hits the store and will include a free copy of the DVD.


• 4/18/13 – Leucadia, CA, Le Papagayo Compound

• 4/24/13 – Malibu, CA, Malibu Beach Inn

• 4/25/13 – San Diego, CA, Bird’s Surf Shed

• 4/26/14 – Santa Cruz, CA, Rio Theater

• 5/2/2013 – Newport, CA, Newport Beach Film Festival


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