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The Almosts Watch the attempts and what almost was from Cluster

Every night after filming all day there’s a moment when everyone gathers around the computer and watches the clips. Raw, unedited documentation of the days session. The makes. The shit-eating. The shit-talking. The devastating almosts. And the psych associated with getting that close. Well, usually you don’t get to see that stuff, but Kai thought you might enjoy it as much as they did on the road. Here, before Cluster is even out, are the almosts, the wipeouts, the fun shit.

And below are some awkward moments from the cutting room floor.

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More Photos from the World Premiere of Cluster (In Association with Monster Energy) More behind the scenes photos from our bent night

The stories, the faces, the memories and the fun of our big night with Huf world premiering Kai’s new film...
cluster premiere what youth

The World Premiere of Cluster presented by Monster Energy and Huf Photos and video and captions from a bent world

We all have black fingernails and a new appreciation for Madonna’s body thanks to Craig Anderson’s very well-curated Huf goody...
cluster kai neville what youth

Countdown to Cluster 2 rolls of post production moments shot by Kai Neville from October 26 to December 14

The imagery below is about as close as you’ll get to seeing through Kai’s eyes. Which he’s shown goes way...
Cluster VHS shirt what youth

All new Cluster VHS T-Shirt On Sale Now

Why not make it a bundle of Limited Edition Cluster and What Youth gear? This all new Cluster tee is...
mitch coleborn what youth cluster

The World Premiere of Cluster presented by HUF Wednesday, January 28th at The Theatre At Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

Kai Neville's new film Cluster is here.
what youth cluster goey sticks

Goey Sticks Ando, Noz, Dane & Liz

French Water Sliding
Ryan Callinan what youth surfing cluster

Behind the Scenes: Cluster Ryan Callinan on the Canary Islands

Ryan Callinan spent the majority of his year compiling clips for Kai’s next film Cluster. And during one of the first...

Macaronis: Part 1 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

Kai’s new film — which you’ll see is announced inside What Youth Issue 7 — began with a pretty lofty...

Macaronis: Part 2 Starring Noa Deane, Mitch Coleborn, Jack Freestone and Chippa Wilson

If you can believe it, there’s more. So much more. A week at Macaronis with good winds and cameras rolling...

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