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The World Premiere of Cluster presented by Monster Energy and Huf Photos and video and captions from a bent world

We all have black fingernails and a new appreciation for Madonna’s body thanks to Craig Anderson’s very well-curated Huf goody bags — that and sore heads and good memories of a big night.

As you may know, last night we partnered up with Huf and The Theatre at Ace to world premiere Kai’s new film Cluster in downtown LA. And what transpired makes us all giddy. Apart from Kai unveiling a surf vid that all but demolishes the subpar web clip once and for all — and shows just how damn good he is at making films — it really felt like we got the band back together last night.

Surfers, skaters, musicians, artists, models, writers, drinkers, singers, actors, movers and shakers all came out and had a really damn fine time together. And to think we all gathered to watch surfing — of all the silly things! And God dammit it was beautiful. From the night’s MC (and your photo gallery captioner) Austyn Gillette and his constant reminders that we’re still allowed to be fun and make fun of ourselves and say fuck off and not have to say sorry because this isn’t a country club, to all the surfers involved for dedicating so much time to tearing all over the globe it was a rad night to remember that we can still bring everyone into a ridiculously nice theatre and yell at the the screen together. My dad even said, “That shit was like the ’70s!”

Hopefully a flip through this photo gallery shot by our homies at Life Without Andy (with captions by the night’s one man entertainment industry Austyn Gillette), and a viewing of his opening monologue and introduction to the film you will feel like you were with us. Now that we’ve all seen what Kai was hiding, it’s safe to say the wait was well worth it. Stay tuned for news on when we’re coming to a town near you to play Cluster. We can’t wait for you to see it. It’s simply fucked up.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. Seriously, you’re all so fun and we loved hanging out and thanks to Vaude for playing the after party. And now to the fun part!

Photos: Captions by What Youth associate editor: Austyn 

Editor’s note: They say never be sorry…so we’re not. Enjoy the photos, video AND the captions. xoxo —Travis  


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