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What Youth In Hollywood What Youth Issue 6, Arto Saari photo gallery and world premiere of The Copenhagen Project

what youth the copenhagen project
Photos: Josh Zucker

On Friday night we had a party in Hollywood to celebrate the release of our new film The Copenhagen Project and new issue release. We sank large cans of PBR, ate pizza and perused the imagery shot by Arto Saari while tunes by  T. Rex, Morrissey and The Velvet Underground blazed. A true black and white evening. We were pretty honored to see some of the attendees which included Arto Saari himself, the legendary Eric Dressen, the modern skate poet Austyn Gillette, UK ripper Sam Beckett, Norwegian Tom Erik Ryen, Daniel Lutheran, Ryan Clements, Kevin Barnett, Dillon Perillo, Brendon Gibbens, a plethora of lovely ladies and many more. We ended the night at Piano Bar — a bar which Dillon Perillo claims may in fact save him from himself and the rest of LA. We had ourselves a time, as you’ll see.

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What Youth In Hollywood What Youth Issue 6, Arto Saari photo gallery and world premiere of The Copenhagen Project

On Friday night we had a party in Hollywood to celebrate the release of our new film The Copenhagen Project...
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