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Dear Suburbia for What Youth Issue 1 An Excursion Into the Absurd

Today’s kind of a big deal for us. There may be libations by noon. Loud music (well, it’s already loud). Some sort of toast.

Today marks the raising of the second pillar of What Youth: our quarterly magazine, which is now available in the Shop alongside our new shirts (click here to place an order). So yes, big news to be sure. Just to give you an idea of what you’ll find in the issue there’s some pretty rad and top-secret stuff we’ve been working on for six months.

The filet would be our feature on Kai’s forthcoming film Dear Suburbia: an excursion into the absurd. It has never-before-seen photos from New Zealand with Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Conner Coffin and Dion Agius; Barbados with John John Florence, Chippa Wilson, Dusty Payne and Mitch Coleborn; and a rather mysterious zone in Australia with Chippa, Craig and Mitch that somehow didn’t end in a shark attack, contrary to our expectations.

You’ll find all sorts of other things in the magazine (which is printed on some damn nice paper) including a conversation with John John and sequences we’d be dumb not to claim as some of the best airs ever landed. Dane wrote some stuff. Dillon wrote some stuff. Matt Biolos wrote some stuff. We interviewed myriad other interesting people. There are girls, famous fashion photographers who contributed, and again, crazy surfing from those slouches mentioned above. And more.

We hope it provides a unique and interesting glimpse at things going on right now if you surf or like girls or wear clothes or listen to music or wake up in the morning sometimes and go outside.


What Youth Issue 1, Dion Agius

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Dear Suburbia what youth issue 1 dane reynolds craig anderson

Dear Suburbia for What Youth Issue 1 An Excursion Into the Absurd

Today’s kind of a big deal for us. There may be libations by noon. Loud music (well, it’s already loud)....
Joh john florence for what youth issue 1

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Craig Anderson signed What Youth Issue 1

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Craig Anderson shot by dion agius what youth issue 1

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