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What Youth Issue 10 On Sale Now


“I don’t believe in dressing up reality. I don’t believe in using makeup to make things look smoother.” Lou Reed

And neither do we. Today we  release our 10th issue of What Youth and it represents exactly why we started What Youth in the first place: It’s a raw, somewhat rough-around-the-edges scrapbook of tales, photos, airs and wandering of the planet filming for Kai’s new film Cluster — all packaged into our premium book form. Radical Class and all that jazz. Get the Cluster script before you see the film.

And if you order online now, you’ll receive your copy inside of the very Limited Edition Cluster flower cover slip. Available only in the What Youth Store. So yes, here we are, issue 10 (can you believe it?) Thank you, we love you and we can’t wait to show you how Cluster was made, and then show you Cluster very soon. Order your Limited Edition What Youth Issue #10 here today.



what youth issue 10

What Youth Issue 10 On Sale Now

On Sale Now
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What Youth Issue 10 Special Edition Cluster

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