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Headlines and Quotes from WY Issue 12 Like Craig Anderson on charging: “I’m a bipoler medium wave surfer. I’m all in, sort of.”

what youth issue 12 pull quots craig anderson

What Youth Issue 12 is out now. You know that. But it’s also going fast. Which is both fun and scary for us. Because once they’re gone, they’re gone. So it’s time to get serious about buying or stealing your copy. And if you need some more evidence of what’s inside, below are some blown up soundbites and images from inside the pages of our 12th book in the series.


“I want to have a series of kids doing rebellious acts, in like a Norman Rockwell style, like, have them gambling or smoking — little greasers —  like 12-year-olds smoking. I thing that sounds awesome. I wanted to do a series of people killed by arrows, like some of my favorite people: David Bowie and Mick Jagger and Winona Ryder­ — just kill with arrows, like in the eye or something.” —Langley Fox



“[Laughs] Please. I think I’m a bipolar medium-wave surfer. I love the adventure and testing my ability but then I’m there and a 10-footer is staring at me and it’s my turn and I’m like, “Fuck this! This isn’t fun.” But  I love the rush and satisfaction. I’m all in, sort of.” —Craig Anderson, on big-wave surfing.



“Why would anyone in surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding need to make content for people who don’t do it? No one is gonna understand it and the people who do are gonna think it’s wacky or weird. That’s the death of keeping any sort of culture.” —Bryan Fox on surf/skate/snow content designed for the masses.



“Life just feels carbonated when you’re with Ozzie.” —RT, Director of Volcom’s new film Psychic Migrations.



“Yeah man. He [Ali Boulala] almost died. But it seems subtle because he’s still so cool and funny and has good jokes. But maybe it’s because the documentary we’re filming is a real retrospective of everything that happened and it was a cloud that hangs over him, you know? But it was cool because when we were doing the episode his honesty was really impressive.” —Patrick O’Dell on filming the Ali Boubala Epicly Latered.



“I don’t know what the deal is. He surfs alone, and he’s super scared of sharks, but he surfs more than most people and he does it all alone. In South Africa. By himself for weeks with no one out when it’s all windy. They have like shark spotters and stuff where he surfs.” —Dillon Perillo on Brendon Gibbens



“She just goes, ‘You boys are pretty cute,’ and ripped her tits straight out. I was standing there, like, “Wow, these tits are sick!”…I wasn’t sure if she’d let me touch ‘em, for the photos, and then she was frothing that I touched ‘em… Apparently she had some Hustler mags in her tent, so she was probably sitting up there beating off or whatever.” —Mikey Wright while camping in Oregon and filming Postcard Oregon. 



“…it would have perhaps been good to get in more fist fights as a child. But I did not fight anyone (my mother wouldn’t let me). She raised me sensitively.” —CS Louis from “Now What?” His reaction to surfing in South Africa post-Mick/shark incident.



“Just rock ‘n’ roll showmanship, putting everything you have on the stage, and turning into a fucking myth. A legend. I mean, Lux is gone but he’s here [still], he’s everywhere, because that’s how powerful his fucking energy and soul was. Same with Iggy. That guy is gonna haunt forever.” —Lee Rickard of Burger Records

Be sure to grab a copy of What Youth Issue 12 here before they’re all gone.


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what youth issue 12 pull quots craig anderson

Headlines and Quotes from WY Issue 12 Like Craig Anderson on charging: “I’m a bipoler medium wave surfer. I’m all in, sort of.”

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