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Issue 14’s European Debut A boat party through Bordeaux. Yep.

what youth issue 14 release party

Bordeaux, the heart of France’s wine country. A favorite for those in the know — a smaller, warmer, friendlier Paris. What better place to torch up for Issue 14. As the spring sun started casting early evening shadows across the Garonne River, Bordeaux’s finest grand cru of youth congregated onboard Iboat. Magazines were pondered, surfers and skaters provided contrasts and context and beers and wine were drunk with increasing ferocity. The French joie de vivre in tangible form. Local DJs ‘La Chambre de Mary Jane’ kept an electric mix of tunes flowing, setting the tone for a hell time. As the stars twinkled over the spires of Bordeaux, we were at full speed ahead with no icebergs in sight. A screening of “Anonymous Zone” inspired acid drops from the bar onto teak decking. As the Boat began to rock, the haze descended. We docked at a certain time no one really knowing when, and all made our ways off into the night and down into the cobbled winding streets. Some went home with new found chéries, others found themselves at bar lock ins at what seemed to be a Prince convention until the early morning, and most joined commuters on early trams, meeting bloodshot eyes with a knowing look….

A huge thanks to Globe, Monster and Iboat for keeping us well lubricated and in fine company.

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what youth issue 14 release party

Issue 14’s European Debut A boat party through Bordeaux. Yep.

Bordeaux, the heart of France’s wine country. A favorite for those in the know — a smaller, warmer, friendlier Paris....
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