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WY Issue 18: Notes From the Underground The Coathangers’ “Wild at Heart” Collection

what youth issue 18 notes from the underground the coathangers

The Coathangers, an all female punk band from Atlanta, know what’s what when it comes to wild music. So it’s no surprise their collection turned out wild at heart and weird on top. Because sometimes life gives you lemons, and you end up smashing them against a brick wall. Brought to you unedited. Because we’re that wild.


BAND: beat beat beat
ALBUM: living in the future
YEAR: 2006
picture it, atlanta 2007, october. four young ladies set out on their first tour with a fellow atlanta band of wild young men. we party. we learn. we drink…a couple bottles of free sailor jerry and you’ve got mayhem in philly and the cops being called. the promoter contacts every venue on the rest of the tour urging that they cancel. those four young ladies were the coathangers and those wild youngsters were BEAT BEAT BEAT. best guys, bad ass band and an amazing introduction to touring!


BAND: demons claws
ALBUM: the defrosting of
2 weeks later…same tour. boston. we are supposed to meet up with the band that we will finish the tour out with. here they come, piss drunk and out of tune. at one point during the set one of them picks up meredith and carries her onstage. one walks off and loses his wallet on the way. the show is brilliant. DEMONS CLAWS. another group of the most alive individuals we have ever met. friends forever!


BAND: carbonas
ALBUM: carbonas
YEAR: 2007
CARBONAS were one of the coolest bands to come out of atlanta. they were really peaking at the time we were starting so it was quite inspirational to watch them live. they got in fights on stage, heckled the audience, threw full and empty beer cans and just plain encouraged pandemonium. it was thrilling!


BAND: predator
ALBUM: predator
YEAR: 2011
another band we toured with, drank with, and slept on floors with. they are also premium dancers! refused to play longer than 20 minutes but every minute was a delight. nicest guys but brutal on stage. so good! also from Atlanta.


BAND: thelma and the sleaze
ALBUM: these boots won’t lick themselves ep
YEAR: 2013
the first time we met these ladies was in nashville. we were playing together and when they walked in, the party arrived. all in jean shorts, vests, and bikini tops, they drank whiskey out the bottle and cursed when they talked. we were in love! we got along right away. they were so bad ass, shredding through the entire set and owning everyone in the room. nashville was their bitch that night.


BAND: jay reatard
ALBUM: blood visions
YEAR: 2006
classic. one of the best records of all time. we played with jay several times. he was always mesmerizing. the man was so prolific, unpredictable and complex, yet had a very sweet, accommodating side. so good live too. a real gift.


BAND: the black lips
ALBUM: los valientes del mundo nuevo
YEAR: 2007
this record captures the BLACK LIPS at their finest — live! listening to it makes you feel like you’re at one of their shows, which were always wild and fun. they pissed and made out with each other, yes, but more than that they went to the spirit world… they were completely free. and it was contagious.


BAND: the detroit cobras
ALBUM: mink rat or rabbit
YEAR: 1998
this record is definitely a favorite for us. a go to when you just want to hear something good. it’s not coy or playful, it’s real. I heard they were wild onstage too, unfortunately never got to see them live. but it sure does make you wanna have a good time.


BAND: subsonics
ALBUM: follow me down
YEAR: 1998
coolest band. Buffy plays standing up and has the most unique sense of timing. Clay has one of the most distinct guitar and vocal styles i’ve ever heard. you definitely know when it’s a SUBSONICS song. the live shows are always different and alive. they rule and they don’t give a fuck. fave songs are disintegrate, pretty pills, and frankenstein!


BAND: the spits
ALBUM: the spits
YEAR: 2009
they play in matching black cloaks, they set off firecrackers on the drums, they do what they want. the madness is electrifying. best and wildest shows i’ve been to. the record just makes you wanna have a house party.


BAND: the gun club
ALBUM: fire of love
YEAR: 1981
this record feels dangerous. so raw and honest it almost hurts. the lyrics are cutting. we cover sex beat.” i wish i had written those lyrics. it makes me feel free to say those words out loud.


BAND: dasher
ALBUM: yeah i know
YEAR: 2013
They leave it all out on stage. Kylee doesn’t “perform,” she howls her truth to you while bashing the beans out of the drums. she almost looks lighter after shows, like we just witness her catharsis. super cool band. also out of Atlanta.


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