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So what’s happening on the cover? Well, it’s a bit of a scuffle at a Murder City Devils show

what youth issue 18 cover shot the murder city devils

It was a hot Saturday night in the city. It was the Brixton Broadcast Los Angeles and it was at the world famous Troubadour and The Murder City Devils were the main attraction. It was a surprise too. I think a few people had figured it out, but lots had no idea who they were coming to see, they just knew it was a Brixton Broadcast. When the band hit the stage they came out swinging with their song “I Drink the Wine” making it very apparent who the secret headliner was. Frontman Spencer Moody started the set by swirling around in the crowd with the pit. And then the night was on. But what’s happening on the cover? (Which you can get here). 

OK, so now on to the cover, just what the hell is happening there?

Well, it’s a bit of a scuffle…There was a guy who was yelling “spoon man” over and over between songs (possibly a disrespectful reference to Chris Cornell’s recent passing and a Seattle tie in? This part we’re not sure). But Spencer Moody, the lead singer of the band did not appreciate it. So after persistence, a mic stand is chucked in the direction of the annoyer, so the dude grabs it, gets back up and rushes the stage, ready to swing the mic at Spencer’s face. Spencer saw that and took two running steps and jump/tackeled the dude off the stage right. The brawl ensued, the manager came running across the stage and went airborne and tackled the dude as Spencer and the dude scuffled. This shot (which is by Morgan Rindengan) literally right when the manager was crashing to the floor after jumping off the stage. He wrapped him up and pushed him straight out the double doors and onto the street.

Spencer jumped back on stage, picked up the mic stand and set the mic into it. Straight into another song. Without missing a beat.

Watch footage of the night and an interview with the band before the show here: 

Brixton Broadcast Los Angeles Interview: Murder City Devils from BRIXTON on Vimeo.


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