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Kelly Slater by Dane Reynolds Dane Reynolds explains how he got his interview with Kelly slater for What Youth Issue 3

Kelly slater dane reynolds what youth issue 3

He shot the photos. Did the interview. Transcribed it. Edited it. Got it in on time. And managed to produce one of the most fascinating interviews we’ve read in a long time. Dane explains how it came together and offers up a small sample of the interview from the mag.

Dane: “Well the Kelly interview came up when I stopped by and you guys were hanging out and talking about ideas for the new issue. I said you guys should blow everyone’s mind and do something with Kelly. Then we thought it would be rad if I interviewed him. I was excited about the idea but as it started developing and becoming a real possibility I got really nervous. I have zero experience conducting interviews and all the possible disastrous scenarios played through my head. But new year, new me. I was sort of drawn to it because of my fears and I got in this weird mode where I was trying to make it happen but secretly hoping it didn’t and I emailed him and asked if he was into it. He replied, “Sure, whatever.” I like this response. It means I tried but it’s never gonna happen. Then I saw him at Rincon and we agreed to meet and shape a board and do an interview. I decided about an hour before our meeting time that I would ask him about conspiracy stuff because I remember staying with him in Tahiti and he was researching conspiracy stuff on his computer constantly. He seriously had like 17 browser windows open at one point, all of ’em conspiracy sites. I’m not very well versed in the world of conspiracy and didn’t have time to do research but I gave it a shot. Kelly was really responsive and it flowed well. Kelly was pretty busy and didn’t want to shape a board so we just talked in Travis Lee’s office while they filled out board orders.”

And now, a short teaser of the interview between the two:

DANE: Do you think tech addiction is something to be concerned about?

KELLY: I wonder… you see people post an Instagram of a whole room of people on their phones doing something, and so you gotta wonder, is that the new form of socializing?

DANE: I’ve thought about this a bit and I feel like overusing the internet is going to be one of those things that, almost like smoking when you’re pregnant or drinking or something, that people will figure out is bad for you and we’ll have to regulate our usage.

KELLY: Maybe that’s a good app to make! You can have a time regulator, and it tells you how long you’ve been on, and OK, you’ve had your fill for the day and your phone turns off automatically.

DANE: But then I’ve spoken to people who think the complete opposite, that eventually our cognitive mind will be part of a computer system.

KELLY: Think about how embedded technology is in our everyday lives now. Like, you can do diagnostics on your car from your iPhone, and thats probably beyond what people’s idea of the future was in the ’70s. So go from where we’re at now, what’s so far in the future it’s unthinkable? and that is to have your brain basically plugged into like…

DANE: Do you remember The Show, the Taylor Steele video? The skit where Greg Browning walks through the desert and digs up a VHS tape and clips on a screen and it plays the surf video?

KELLY: Yeah, I do.

DANE: I remember going “Oh my God that is amazing!” I thought that was, like, beyond the future.

KELLY: It’s funny ’cause I find myself in everyday conversations and people will go, “Do you know this or do you know that? Do you know where this place is? Do you know anything about this topic?’ And i’m like ,”Oh!” (grabs phone)

DANE: No shit! I google things every day. Like, all day.

KELLY: You can know anything in five seconds. Two seconds! You know exactly the definition of a word you’ve never heard before or where’s this place or who’s involved in that thing or “Do you know this guy?” Anything! You just search it… it’s weird.

For the rest of the interview, grab a copy of the magazine now in the shop. It’s worth it. We wouldn’t lie. It’s Kelly and Dane.


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